A multi-disciplinary graphic designer, illustrator, and thriving marketeer 
with around 10 years of experience in different fields and markets such as Lebanon, Dubai, Kuwait, Nigeria, France, and Germany.
 I have been driven by the urge to find solutions to every challenge faced, regardless of cultural differences. Being a graphic designer is not about creating art, it's about finding solutions and portraying them in delicious visuals.
With a focus on branding and illustration, I work with businesses on a variety of their design needs such as consulting, social media marketing & design, web design, advertising, editorial, corporate identity, writing, and much more. My main interest is to equip small businesses with the right tools and materials to find their true identity, connect with the right audience, and thrive in their industry.
Having over a decade of experience with different clients, I've worked on international brands such as LG, Hershey's, BOSCH, Galerie Lafayette, GE Power & Water, etc, alongside some local/gulf clients such as Leila Restaurant, Roadster Diner, Boutique du Monde, Bank Audi, and much more.
Feel free to drop me a message for projects & collaborations!
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