Read a few words by Hiba Yazbeck, founder of Shifting Gaia, in a heartfelt testimonial:
"As I reflect on the incredible journey of bringing "Shifting Gaia" to life, I am continually amazed by the extraordinary talent and dedication of Maria Azarian. Her work on the project's name and logo went far beyond my expectations. Maria didn't just design; she breathed life into my vision, capturing the essence of what I hoped to convey.

From the beginning, Maria's ability to listen and truly understand what "Shifting Gaia" was about stood out. She took the time to delve deep into the project's core, ensuring that every aspect of the vision I had was reflected in her design. Her approach wasn't just professional; it felt deeply personal. Every piece of feedback I provided was taken to heart and reflected in the evolving design, showing her commitment and adaptability.

The end result, our logo, is not only visually stunning but also imbued with meaning. Every tweak and adjustment Maria made, always guided by our discussions, added significant depth and nuance. Her work on "Shifting Gaia" is more than a showcase of her artistic skills; it's a testament to her ability to forge a deep connection, understand a complex vision, and turn it into a reality that resonates with others. Maria Azarian's contribution has been invaluable, and I am immensely grateful for her role in bringing "Shifting Gaia" to life."

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